Ну, как бы, да нет же...
How’s your Russian?

Interested in a slice of the Russian market? Your competitors probably are. Except it’s not always that easy: visas, registration, contracts, taxes... Maybe even the odd secret handshake. We’ve been there and done that. We know who to ask and how. Yes, we’ve been in London for a while — but elephants never forget.

If you want to make it in Moscow, Astana or Tbilisi, then you’re going to need to get to grips with the way that Russians and the post-Soviets live, think and do business.

ELEPHANT will be your trusty guide and protector as you move your company into the Azeri, Armenian, Georgian, Uzbek, Kazakh, Ukrainian and Russian markets.

ELEPHANT understands like nobody else the idiosyncrasies, oddities and peccadilloes of the Russian-speaking business community. As insiders in the business communities of both London and Moscow, we know how to build a bridge between these two very different worlds. We can help create the conditions for you and your Russian partners to understand each other and build successful working relationships.

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