Life is like a box of chocolates. We’ll make sure you get the whisky ganache.

We’ve got what it takes to put your business on the map.

We can offer:

  • Years’ worth of invaluable contacts at the highest level in business, publishing, editing, journalism and the media
  • Partnerships with Russian and British PR specialists in a range of fields, from finance to art, fashion and beyond
  • Original, unusual locations in Moscow and London for events of any scale
  • Personal and business relationships with influential figures in the Moscow art scene and London bohemian circuit
  • In-depth understanding of the inner workings of travel and luxury PR in Russia, Central Asia, Caucasus and the UK
  • Extensive experience in reputation- and event-management
  • An imaginative approach to a variety of traditional, interactive and community-based marketing strategies, ranging from viral campaigns to street promotion and grassroots programmes.

ELEPHANT is on your wavelength — whatever your language.

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